Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Jennifer said that I had to edit my template to add her and Marc as friends but that shit is like Arabic to me so chances are I'm fucked. Shit. I'm computer illiterate.

So yesterday I realized that retail was a dead-end job and I feel sorry for everyone in it. Including myself. See, Travis is going to be working at Journeys from now on, working primarily off commission plus a scanty base salary per week. I think their district manager promised him far more than he's going to get out of the job but I don't know. He's great at selling and can manager a store better than anyone I know but I don't know. I don't think retail is the place for him. I'd like to see him have some office job telling people what to do or something. I just think that retail is pointless, considering my pathetic raise and "promotion" were nothing short of insulting. What sucks is that I'm fully aware that for the next 3 years of my life, I'm going to have a shitty job until I get my bachelor's degree. Oh well. I guess if I check this post out like 5 years from now I can see how far I've come.

Just like they made Waiting and Office Space, they ought to make a job-comedy based off of a retail store. 40 Year Old Virgin was close with the Best Buy store but they need a strictly retail comedy. In theory, you could base it off EB Games and all of the drama between Travis and I. And everyone else in the store is fucking nuts too so yeah. Good comedy. The whole movie should amount to the release of a new system (remember: midnight opening for Xbox 360 launch night?), and some major bullshit ensuing like ninjas climing the walls and midgets knocking over marketing posters and shit. Some apocalyptic ending with a Bill Gates cameo. Who knows. It's the best movie that will never be made.

And for the record, I get my Nintendo DS Lite in 11 days. What games should I get with it? I'm pretty sure I'll pick up Tetris DS and Super Mario Bros DS. I'm waiting for the new Sudoku game to come out and maybe I'll buy Brain Age. Who knows. haha.


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